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Backup Manage Replicate and Recover

How prepared are you to survive an IT systems crisis? Many businesses have discontinued operations because of the disastrous impact of losing critical data and their applications.

Recover from a disaster such as a virus, malware attack, hardware failure, code corruption, deleted data, fire, flood, earthquake, or worse with the StorageCraft® Recovery Solution.

What is the StorageCraft Recovery Solution?

This solution is a suite of software and services that helps you recover every time, everywhere. The solution protects your systems, applications, configurations, settings, and data from a disaster of any magnitude.



The StorageCraft Recovery Solution incorporates:

back up everything


Create a copy of everything on your hard drive: systems, applications, data, etc.

manage your backups


Ensure your backups will work when you need them to and don't take up more storage space than necessary

test your backup plan


Checking backup integrity and confirming that your recovery plan works will ensure you're read when a disaster happens

replicate your backups


Duplicate your backups to another location to ensure recovery, even if local backups get destroyed

Recover-Ability wheel

 recover your systems from backups


Get your business running immediately after a disaster. That's the whole point, right?

The StorageCraft Recovery Solution includes:

StorageCraft ShadowProtectStorageCraft ShadowProtect®

This sector-level backup software reliably backs up entire disk drives and provides system and data recovery.

StorageCraft ImageManagerStorageCraft ImageManagerTM

This free management software lets you validate, replicate, and consolidate ShadowProtect backups and watch storage space.

StorageCraft Cloud ServicesStorageCraft Cloud ServicesTM

This remote-datacenter option offers anytime, anywhere access to data and the ability to instantly fail over.

StorageCraft ShadowControlStorageCraft ShadowControl®

This free software allows you to remotely monitor any machines in your environment that are running ShadowProtect backups.