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One thing is certain, there has never been more of a need to back up your data. The threat of viruses, spyware, malware, and phishing has never been greater. Numerous industry studies have shown that the need to back up critical files and programs is common knowledge but not common practice.

ShadowProtect is an industry-leading backup and recovery software trusted by administrators of millions of machines worldwide. Its technology is also licensed by many well-known backup and disaster recovery software suppliers.

Key ShadowProtect Backup Benefits:

  • Designed specifically for Windows operating systems and servers
  • Backs up the entire hard drive (files, programs, operating system) unlike many online backup solutions that back up files only
  • Set it up once and forget about it: ShadowProtect continuously makes full or incremental backups every 15 minutes
  • Seemlessly restore a single file, directory, or an entire disk to the same or dissimilar hardware or to a virtual machine
  • Back up to a variety of onsite or offsite devices from an external USB drive to network attached hard drives, NAS, SAN or Firewire devices
  • Secure and encrypted to meet the requirements of HIPAA or Sarbanes Oxley

Purchase ShadowProtect backup and disaster recovery software today.