Reduced Downtime

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IT system downtime costs businesses hundreds of thousands of dollars per hour. As a result, businesses have tight Recovery Time Objectives (RTO, the maximum downtime a company can tolerate) and need to get systems back up after a disaster, migration, or upgrade as fast as possible.

The StorageCraft Recovery Solution provides businesses with software and services for solving downtime woes.StorageCraft Recover-Ability solution logo

Flexible recovery options

StorageCraft ShadowProtect software lets you:

  • Rapidly access individual data files and folders
  • Restore to the same or different hardware or a to virtual environment in minutes
  • Boot a backup image as a virtual machine for a quick, temporary fix

Additionally, StorageCraft ImageManagersoftware (for managing your ShadowProtect backup images), features StorageCraft HeadStart Restore® technology. This technology enables you to be prepared for a disaster long before it happens because you have a virtual machine that is being fed your production machine’s backup images. Should your production machine fail, your virtual machine can be ready to boot with the most recent backup image in a few minutes.

The last recovery component of the StorageCraft Recover-Ability solution is StorageCraft Cloud Services. Should a site-wide—or even region-wide—disaster strike, you’ll still be able to access your data from anywhere that you have an Internet connection—you can even instantly virtualize your systems in the cloud. And StorageCraft can deliver a recovery disk drive if needed.

This flexibility in recovery options means your IT systems can be back up and running fast, so that you’ll be able to meet your RTO easily.