Tech Tips

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These tech-tip videos, featuring our technical marketing manager Steve Snyder, can help you use StorageCraft® software and services. Watch them to learn how to do specific tasks.

StorageCraft ShadowProtect

video screenshot of tech tip #12

Activating ShadowProtect

Duration: 01:11

Once you've installed your StorageCraft ShadowProtect® backup software, this video shows you how to activate it.

video screenshot of tech tip #13

Set Up a Backup Job Using ShadowProtect

Duration: 02:08

Once your ShadowProtect software is installed and activated, put it to work making backups. Steve shows you how to create a new backup job.

video screenshot of tech tip #12

Recover a File or Folder with ShadowProtect

Duration: 01:25

With ShadowProtect software, you can mount a backup image file as a drive and navigate to the file or folder you need to recover. Learn how.

 video screenshot of tech tip #8

Recover a System with ShadowProtect

Duration: 01:46

With ShadowProtect, you can recover your operating system, applications, and services. Steve shows you how to recover your entire disk drive.


 video screenshot of tech tip #1

Mount, Dismount Backups with ImageReady

Duration: 01:43

StorageCraft® ImageReady™ technology, a software utility available with ShadowProtect, tests the integrity of backup image files. Steve shows you how to use ImageReady to mount a backup image and run a custom script to test the image.






StorageCraft ImageManager

StorageCraft ImageManager

Duration: 02:26

StorageCraft ImageManager™, a free add-on to your ShadowProtect software, manages accumulated backup image files. Learn how easy it is to use features such as rolling consolidation and bandwidth throttling.