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ShadowProtect Reviews and Testimonials

Video testimonials from service providers who use ShadowProtect on their clients' systems


ShadowProtect product reviews in the media

"After reviewing many rival products, I still use ShadowProtect for my regular backups. And I'll describe in a moment how I used it to solve some Windows problems that nothing else could solve. It's been our Editors' Choice ever since it appeared, and we haven't found any reason to change our opinion." - Read more at PC Magazine, Review of ShadowProtect Desktop 5

"StorageCraft is the company behind ShadowProtect, a full-featured backup application. I will look a two of the components of the StorageCraft solution, ShadowProtect and ImageManager, and then focus on the replication service that stores your data in the cloud. Using ImageManager, your cloud account behaves just like a local disk (with a few exceptions)." - Read more at TechRepublic, Replicate backups to the cloud with StorageCraft ShadowProtect

"When I first heard of ShadowProtect Server, I thought it sounded interesting but that it would probably be very similar to most other backup products. I quickly discovered that ShadowProtect Server is quite a bit more than just another backup product." - Read more at WindowsITPro, Review: ShadowProtect Server


ShadowProtect product reviews in the community

"The product is just awesome and has gotten better over the years." - Read reviews of StorageCraft ShadowProtect Server on Spiceworks


ShadowProtect product testimonials

“ShadowProtect and ImageManager provide us and our customers with an unbeatable pairing for disaster recovery, data transport, and business continuity. Put simply, I regularly recommend Storagecraft products to my friends and family, as well as my customers.” - Barry Tikkanen, engineer, Exceed Consulting LLC

Source: TechValidate


“I don’t consider many things in the IT world to be truly “magical;” however, the StorageCraft family of products works very well and is extremely reliable—it’s saved us and many clients from disaster." - Andrew Hartman, senior IT architect, Syndeo Communications

Source: TechValidate

“The product is amazing! It has saved so many of my customers on multiple occasions. StorageCraft tech support is also top notch!” - David Feder, engineer, Lentner LLC

Source: TechValidate

“Using ShadowProtect has helped us to become ‘heroes’ to our customers who have had data loss, server failure, or other catastrophic IT loss.” - Sean Corbet, vice president, Coastal Solutions Inc.

Source: TechValidate


“ShadowProtect fits in nearly every backup scenario we service. It’s truly versatile and reduces the amount of time our techs have to train on different solutions.” - Jason Wood, IT professional, WorkSmart

Source: TechValidate

“Storagecraft provides a solution that simply works as advertised. They have outstanding sales and technical support and go above and beyond to support our efforts.” - Arthur Beaudette, general manager, VM Systems

Source: TechValidate

“Because of the reliable backups and ease of use that ShadowProtect provides, our customers think we’re rocket scientists when we have their servers back up and running in record time!” - Tom E., IT professional, LeaderChip Inc.

Source: TechValidate